Wonderful Ideas to Increase Storage Space

Today we are discussing about some wonderful ideas to increase storage space.

Everyone should have sufficient storage space in a house to make the space look tidy, clean, and attractive. To achieve this purpose, we use various Cupboards in Bedroom, Kitchen storage, open shelves, and chest of drawers etc. while we face scarcity of storage space to keep our various things. So here we’re sharing some wonderful ideas to increase storage space.

1) Adjustable Shelves

Adjustable shelves in cupboards are very useful to increase storage space. Different items placed in cupboards have different heights hence space is not fully utilized. Adjustable shelves will do great job here to utilize the extra space according to the items placed. Minor adjustment in the cupboard will do the magic… Its a great Idea, and must be given a try.

2) Accessories Drawers

You can use accessory drawers to increase storage space of Cupboards of rooms or kitchens. These are normal drawers creatively divided in some parts to manage the accessories easily. According to your requirements, multiple divisions can be created in drawers. The space will become much more organized & useful after these divisions. Accessory drawers are very useful for managing cosmetic items or other accessories in case of low storage space.

3) Hidden storage

Hidden storage is very useful in interiors and at the same time it enhances the decor too. It is the kind of storage which is not visible directly because these space are created under the sofa or bed or center table etc. It means, you are not consuming any extra space for storage because our bed or sofa is solving our multiple purposes by hiding the storage itself. Wall corners, sofas, beds, tables, center tables or many more other spaces are there, where you can create some hidden storage, just need to become little creative.

 4) Loft – Kitchen / Wash Room

Usually kitchens or wash rooms are built with full height. Practically 8 feet height is sufficient in Kitchens or wash rooms and you can utilize the extra height for storage by creating a smart loft. You can use shutters on the opening of such lofts which are approachable from inside the kitchen or washroom itself. Matching veneer or laminates (according to Interior) on the shutters will even enhance the beauty of the space. Creating lofts is a very interesting and useful Idea to increase storage space.

5) Storage behind the Mirror in Washroom

In the washrooms, you can create storage behind the mirror for your toiletries such as soap, shampoo, and gels etc. As these articles are very small pieces, you just need to create a thin storage containing some shelves only 3″ deep, with a shutter. On this shutter, you can frame a mirror glass. So now all the accessories you need, are very conveniently available to you by making this storage.

6) Storage under the Stairs

Often, area under the stairs become a negative space due to its not usefulness. Here you can utilize this area also to increase storage space of your house. You can make some pull-out drawers, some shuttered cupboard to use this space. Using this trick, your negative space now becomes useful, and it is very practical too. This way you get a big and huge extra storage space.

7) Hooks on the storage shutters

You can get some hooks fixed onto the back side of shutters of your wooden almirah. Here you can hang your belts, long and thin items. Now these items are occupying our extra space, rather the space is fully utilized.

8) Wall hanging

Wall hangings are very useful and work as decorative feature also to the Interiors. They provide very ethnic look if used creatively. These hangings are available in various designs and fabric. A smartly placed wall hanging will definitely enhance charm of your decor.

So these are some solutions, which will  be very useful to you. You just need to apply some of these tricks, and you’ll get definite good results.

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