Importance of a Focal Point in Interior Design

A Focal point in interior design

A Focal Point in interior design plays very important role to design any area. Take a glance, how to create a focal point to enhance beauty of the interior.

A Focal point in interior design plays very important role in design to enhance beauty of a room. A central point which attracts us when we enter a room, is defined as a Focal Point of that area. It might be a brilliant Painting, A Fire-place, or a piece of Furniture, even a bright Wall-paper or different Texture of a Wall.

However, main point to consider is, how to create a Focal point or what could be a best possible way to use this creatively. So here’s a list of the points, we must consider to make the Focal point harmonized with the Interiors.

1.An Architectural Element

Square Niches used as architectural elements

You can use an architectural feature to highlight the room like some niches painted with bright color and effect of interesting lights also. This central element can help while positioning your furniture in the room. Everything in the room revolves around the basic elements ‘The Niches’. The color of the wall having these niches or the element, can be basic inspiration to create other wall paints, sofa upholstery, furniture and so on. It might be completely contrast of the basic focal wall or feature, or might be other shades of that basic color.

Window as a Focal point

You can utilize Special features, similar to the state of the room, arches;  Ceilings; A fireplace; A chimney; Large windows with a great view, bay windows, arched windows; Beautiful staircase; Highlighting Entrance door and so on as Focal Points in Interiors.

The Correct size of the architectural element in the room is important. If it’s too big, it can look  huge comparing with the furniture and feel awkward. If it’s too small, your furniture will become the focal point, taking away from the main feature.

2. Wall Paper / Paint on the wall

Vibrant wall paper as a Focal pointA wall might be used as a Focal point in Interior design by highlighting it with an interesting backdrop/ wall paper. It adds interest and character to the room. Indeed, even on the ceiling of a room, you can use a wallpaper to create a wonderful effect. Coordinating the eye upward additionally influences the space to look greater and more extensive. Another use of wallpaper as a focal point is to distract the eye from another area of the room. Sometimes, smart used painted wall with brilliant color which must be in contrast from the other walls of the room, also creates the same effect as a Focal point.

3. Artwork on the wall

A piece of Fine art very smartly used

An fine art work positioned perfectly is also used to create an instant focal point that allows the rest of the space to shine.

The size and tone of your art is important. The work of art must be picked with the accordance to your space, in tones that stand out and attract the eye in but should not over react with the rest of the room. One large, bold piece of art looks fantastic against a neutral wall and furniture. A group of photos can make an impact too, whether they’re framed identically or have an unsymmetrical way of putting them.

4. Texture

Bold and beautiful brown wall as a prime attraction of the room

Texture wall works as a focal point in interior design of a room. You can use the color of this wall as a basic color and further rest of the walls, furniture , curtains etc. can be decorated with other shades of this basic color. So the main wall creates a color scheme too, giving your room character and depth. Smooth, shiny objects will give off a cool vibrations, while soft, raised textures add more warmth. For the textured wall , you might use Stones, tiles, or even a texture paint. Stones and Tiles are more permanent & patterned finish and creates a dynamic statement for an Interior. It immediately draws an attention of the person who enters the room.

5. Lighting

Amazing Light effect

Lighting is also used as a Focal point in Interiors. It creates a dynamic impact and wonderful effect on the Interiors as well. It is an effective way to highlight the area with a fusion also. Sometimes Lighting can be used to highlight some features of the room like an art work, or some corner of a room. Without influencing the wall/ corner with much work done, just through using lights creatively, an completely different and extraordinary impact can be created. You can use a chandelier, or other Lighting fixtures to get an attention of the person enters. There are very vast variety of Lighting fixtures available. The size of the fixture must be chosen carefully. It should not overly big, otherwise other important features of the room not get any importance. And also should not be very small even to create an impact.

Hope the article would be helpful and will support you to plan your interiors.

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