How to use Colors in Interiors to enhance its beauty

Colors in interiors

You must be wondering how the best Interior Designers in Delhi or other top cities make an effective use of Colors in Interiors to enhance its beauty. Lets have an analysis on it here.

As our life is incomplete without colors, Same thing happens for any Interior also. Colors in Interiors provide a vibrancy and feel of happiness to the specific area. So they are basic and very prominent element of Interior design. They influence the mood of the person who enters the area. The colors are described as hot, cold, warm, cool or neutral colors as they are felt by human mind and our senses. Colors have power to boost one’s mood. We get awesome results using a combination of group of colors in interior design and decor. Alternatively you can choose to use only one basic color and different shades & hues of this same color for your interiors. The result shall be amazing, peaceful and serene. So you will have a lot of ideas to work on and explore your creativity with the power of colors.

Colors play an important role in interior design to create a pleasant and comfortable living as well as working spaces. So we must use them carefully. They provide lot of creativity to work on. Using colors beautifully can make a space wonderful, bright, and soothing. The modern color design includes brilliant shades of the room furnishing. Colors work well with textures for the basic forms of architectural and Interior elements.

Primary colors

There are three primary colors – Red , Blue, and Yellow.  All other colors are generated from these primary colors.

You must choose a color scheme for your interiors according to the activity of the area. As we know, colors affect one’s mood, so practically selected colors would provide an attractive, energetic, vibrant and peaceful interiors. According to the requirements of the area as Offices, Bedroom, Living room, Kitchen and so on, you can choose different colors. For example, An entrance lobby of an Office must be welcoming as well as peaceful also. There are some feelings associated with colors, to which you must give an attention before finalization a color scheme for an interior.

Following insights about colors are helpful choosing a personalized theme for your living space:


Red resembles passion , ambition, determination and leadership, fills a room with emotional energy. It is often associated with stimulation appetite and conversation also, so you can use it for dining rooms, restaurants etc. combining with other colors also.


The color of calm, represents honesty, loyalty and trust also. It provides peacefulness, relaxation, and sleep also. Designers use Blue color in Bedrooms, Meditative areas, Living rooms etc. It is like a fresh air. Dark blue color symbolizes power, stamina, responsibility.


Yellow symbolizes enthusiasm, thought, intellect and knowledge. It promotes sunny feelings, happiness and hope. You might use this color for your study rooms, Kids rooms, Some times in drawing rooms also.


It is an example of awareness, high spirit, creativity, dream and imagination. Lighter tone of this color helps a room to look larger. Completely royal as well as very sober also.


It associates with motivation, enthusiasm, and optimism. Interior Designers use this color in combination with other colors, which enhance its glory and impact to the living space.


Green color is a symbol of  peacefulness, health, growth, and energy, it also serves to balance and to create stability. It enhances feelings of hope and renewal with its healing qualities.


It is the color of cleanliness, purity, and innocence. If combined with good combination of other colors, it provides soothing, calm, and pure impact. It looks really cool and dynamic.


The color of wood as well as of the Earth, covers every and each gap in the design if required. It provides feeling of comfort, royalties, warmth. You can use this color combined with its other shades and hue as well as with grey and black, when chooses a color scheme.


The color of quiet, inactivity, retreat provides an isolation from business of the world. It provides very classy and sophisticated look and impact to the interior design. The various shades of this color can be successfully used with white, and also with black color.


It is the color of Strength, power, darkness, and night also. When used with smart combination of other colors, it spreads illusion, beauty, as well as charm also.

So now you’ve understood, how colors affect our senses. These are some basic guidelines, you might find them helpful choosing a color scheme for your interiors.

An advanced inside shading makes appealing, crisp, and contemporary room outline. Innovative and brilliant colors combinations provides various chances to customize inside plan. It gives a remarkable touch to workplaces and living spaces. An interior whether it is an office space or residential one, shows its nature and feelings which is successfully done through the color schemes used for the interior design.

This accumulation of present day inside plan thoughts shows how to coordinate hues and utilize your most loved shading mixes for jazzy and delightful room designing. So a color scheme also depends on your liking and favorite colors , which might be used with a combination of other colors suitable for the activity of the area.

A feeling of style, creative energy, and essential shading plan standards are adaptable instruments for including an adjusted look and a positive vibrations to the area to live in. Delightful shading mixes of colors and tints as described above can help transform conventional living spaces into comfortable, cool as well as warm and dynamic living spaces.

Now you’ve had some of great Painting Ideas for your Walls now after knowing nature and reaction of various colors in Interiors.
Hope the article would be helpful and will support you to plan your interiors using some great color combinations.
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