How to make a Small Space look Bigger

Small space look bigger

Now a days, due to apartment system, many people live in small flats, rooms etc. So how the small living space look bigger, is a tricky for some. Although some people like to live in small houses only. Either it is a choice to live in a little house or it’s a scarcity of area/ space, But all the people have one same feeling to the houses or even for offices (yes, it’s applicable to offices too), that their living / working space must look bigger. So all of you, who are looking for a solution, there’s a good news… We can get this task done i.e. our little space can appear bigger using some techniques which are so useful and helpful to be applied very conveniently. So you are going to have a list of the ideas, which would smartly make a small space look bigger, broader and inviting in many ways… Now have a look…

Choose a light color scheme

Choose a light color scheme

Colors are very important element of interior designing. A color scheme plays a vital role to get the required purpose of making your small space look bigger comparatively. You should use light colors for a small room instead of dark colors. These colors create a feeling of broadness.

Eye- catching Ceiling

Eye- catching Ceiling

Make your ceiling eye- catching because when something interesting attracts an human eye to see upward, creates illusion of depth and height. Try some interesting ideas to decorate your ceiling. You can use wooden battens or even a brilliant wall paper or attractive paint on the ceiling, will create an amazing impact to your interior and help your small space look bigger.

Curtains of the room

Curtains of the room

You must use curtains of the room of the same color of the wall paint as they provide harmony with the walls and effect of oneness. The height of the curtain must go till the floor level, it’ll make your task pretty easier.

Create an illusion with help of Mirrors

Create an illusion with help of Mirrors

Use mirrors to show a space look bigger as they create illusion of depth. They might be used as a focal point on a wall or might be fixed on a cup-board. The mirror will create an amazing impact to your room to look bigger and inviting. It will reflect the lighting of your room and help looking more bright and attractive. Mirrors are one of the easiest ways to feel a room look bigger than it is, and  you can create an illusion by using mirrors through many interesting ways showing the space look bigger. Some are as follows:

  • Mirrors on cupboard shutters without showing any edges.
  • Ornate mirror over the dresser.
  • In front of the doorway, when one enters. It doubles the depth of the area.
  • Small, fancy-framed mirrors grouped on the wall like a collage.
  • Mirrored or chrome-finished i.e reflective finish lamps, furniture and decor.

Utilize Vertical Space

Utilize Vertical Space

If you’re managing a little room, think vertical. You won’t have much floor area, but you can utilize the wall space straight up to the roof. It draws your eye upwards, influencing a space look bigger. Floor to roof built-in-shelves increase storage capacity, and your space look bigger visually. 

Avoid heavy materials

Avoid heavy materials


Try to avoid heavy materials as they absorb so much light. And the small space looks even smaller. Use lighter materials, whether it is fabric of your curtains; upholstery for sofas, chairs etc. or even a wall paint. Instead of the heavy materials, use reflective or shimmering materials/ fabrics.

Leave some space free

Leave some space free

Do not fill up every corner of your room. Leaving some space empty will provide your small space an airy look. Be that as it may, regardless of what your purpose behind living in a little space, you’ll without a doubt need to get truly composed and make a few changes in accordance with your way of life so as to make everything fit and not feel cramped.

Proper lighting 


Your room should have proper lighting. Light has a tendency to make things broader and bigger. While insufficient lighting creates a feeling of uncomfortable space, dullness. Overhead lights will draw the eyes to one spot. A chandelier in the drawing room, a suspended light above the dining area, some interesting lights on the breakfast counter, will influence one’s eyes to upward. And the room will look and feel bigger. Arrange different lighting options dotted around the room, such as lamps on the wall, candles and tiny table lamps. Use reflective materials as they reflects the light and increase lighting effect.

Scale down the Furniture

Lighter furniture

Use balanced size of furniture for the small space as heavy furniture would look out of the space and not match with the scale of the room. Huge furniture can make a room look smaller and tight.

Pick furniture with legs

Picking furniture with legs demonstrating opens up a little space. Contrasted with substantial furniture pieces that lay specifically on the floor without legs appearing, which can show up too huge and massive for your little space, furniture with legs draws the eye upward and makes the deception of all the more light and space in a little room. So choose sofas and TV stands with legs for your small room. Your room will feel instantly more open. Glass Center tables will also be a nice idea because it’ll reflect the light and room automatically look spacious.

Clear clutter and become Organized

clear clutter

Keep your room neat & tidy. You can create more organized space, if you eliminate the clutter. Keep with you only the things, which are required. All the things, you’ve not used for years, donate them. It’ll provide you more space. You’ll get back the required calm and order. You’ll have less to clean and less to worry about. You can incorporate some accessories drawers to your kitchen cabinets and your wardrobes also. As it’ll make you more organized and you can store so many little things there.

Hidden storage

Space can be saved by using hidden storage like under the table, Bed, Sofa etc. These type of storage fulfill your both requirements, as they provide extra storage space as well as do not make room look completely full of furniture. So the room appear bigger, more open and comfortable.

Do not put furniture attached with the wall

Do not put furniture attached with the wall, rather leave some space between the furniture and the wall to put a small piece of thin furniture which can be used as a shelf to display some small decorative items/ photo frame etc. This trick shall provide an openness and visual feeling of more space.

Use Foldable furniture piece

If possible, use some folding type furniture for your room, so that you can wind up them whenever required. So the times, when they are not required, the space would look more open and clear.

So now you’ve many interesting ideas to make your small space look bigger. Keep on trying and add with them some of your personal liking also, then your interior will become more personalized.

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